Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obama: Near Genius

Many conservatives and some liberals take Obama to be inept or incompetent, since the economy is still so bad, the debt so high, and so on. This is wrong.

He is very adept and competent at furthering his political ideology: diminishing America in order to take its wealth elsewhere to level the global playing field. This was the worldview of his father and it fits all that he does.

1. Bans drilling and fracking in US, but backs drilling in the Third World: Level the playing field.
2. Fail to support Iranian uprising, but help Egyptian uprising: support anti-American forces in order to level the playing field.
3. Give in more and more to the UN and do not speak out against sharia law. Why? To diminish American power and let the "oppressed" gain a foothold worldwide.
4. Side with Israel's enemies and not Israel. (He has not even visited Israel.) Why? See (3).

No, he is no slacker (despite all the golf games). He is a near-genius at fooling and manipulating an ignorant and complacent citizenry.

Change that, for God's sake.