Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin's Political Heroes (from interview with Sean Hannity)

HANNITY: Historically — modern times — who inspires you politically? Who are people that you look to as maybe people that you can gain inspiration from in tough times?

PALIN: I'm thankful that I came of age politically in the era of Ronald Reagan, in high school and in college. You know, he — he is my inspiration. His vision of America and of the exceptional-ism of our country. I think about him every day. I think about what that Great Communicator has left our country and the rest of the world.

So he and then his partner on a lot of the good things that went on in the world at that time, Margaret Thatcher — just over the water. She too — she was underestimated as she came into office and proved herself with her abilities, her determination. She is another one.

Further back in history, Abraham Lincoln. Coming into office in a time of such turmoil. He was able to do some unconventional things, in assembling a very unusual Cabinet as was written about in "Team of Rivals." What Lincoln was able to do was marshal talents from disgruntled opponents even and adversaries and have everybody work together in order to fulfill the mission of unifying the nation and winning the war.


Will Freely said...

Thank you for your posts Dr. Groothuis. My wife and I are really appreciating them this political season. Was political discourse always this shot through with B.S.? Maybe when one is young, he or she is just not perceptive enough to see it.

Hopefully I will be able to be back in seminary one of these days to continue my philosophy studies. (Finances are a bugger.) In the meantime, thanks, thanks, and thanks again for the material you provide!


Anonymous said...

Doug, you rightfully highlight the importance of asking who has inspired you (politically in the case of Sarah).  Interestly though, this question: "Who do you most admire?" can speak loudly about what values any and everybody holds. Couple that question, with: "What are the 3 most influential books that have effected you?" and you have quite a good indicator as to where one might start an apologetic interaction.