Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Shows Leadership

John McCain showed strong, nonpartisan leadership today by suspending his official campaign to focus as a Senator on the national financial crisis. He wants to delay his first debate in order to do this. As yet, Obama has refused. This speaks volumes.

About all Obama knows how to do is campaign and promote himself (writing two memiors and no significant legislation). He does not know how to lead. He was in the Senate in order to run for President, something he has been doing for nineteen months. Now the nation is in a profound economic crisis and he will not suspend campaigning for the good of the country.

Is McCain afraid to debate? No, he wanted to have multiple town hall debates with Obama over the summer. Obama declined. These don't allow for teleprompters. These words may seem hard, but I take them to be true, well-established, and pertinent to this election. Truth always counts.

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