Saturday, May 03, 2008

Indian Prime Minister Denounces Sex Selection Abortions

Read this article from The New York Times for a denunciation of India's growing practice of aborting female fetuses because they are female. The Prime Minister has condemned this in strong terms, as he should.

Of course, elective abortions are performed in the US all the time for just about any reason. Sex selection abortions are not as pronounced here as in India, but they do occur, as do abortions of Downs children and of many others with "defects" that the living in power deem intolerable.

Truly, we do not welcome the least, the last, and the lost into our culture with open arms. We kill them in order to alleviate suffering, theirs and ours. How humane: killing the innocent in the name of compassion.

Would Obama or Hillary speak out against sex selection abortions in India--or in the US? No, they would paper over the social pathology with the language of "choice" and "freedom" and "we trust the women to make the right choice."


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a related article online. The loss, I find, is quite devastating, and it's about time for something to be done.

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Jeff S. said...

Sadly, it appears in the article that the motive is the crime, not the act.