Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ex-Terrorists Speak in Boulder

Two ex-terrorists spoke recently at The University of Colorado at Boulder. It is remarkable they were not shouted down or otherwise harrassed. Of course, the story says that extensive security was provided.


Jeff S. said...

I read an article about this where the organizers of the event were equated with terrorists, since both "spread fear and hate."


I would have liked to have attended this one.

Jim Pemberton said...

I got to meet Kamal Saleem when he spoke at my church a few weeks ago. I'll verify that the press is offering false propaganda. His message to us was first a warning from one who was a terrorist about the intentions of terrorists. The second was that the way to thwart them was to show them love. They have an idea of the gospel already because they've been innoculated against it as it were, but it doesn't make sense to them because they have the idea that Christians hate them. when they are shown love, it is something completely unexpected to them and it destroys the image of Christians they have been fed and opens them to reconsider the veracity of the Bible versus the bizarre lack of cognitive harmony in the Koran. Now, perhaps his message was tailored to us because we have an evangelistic ministry to Muslims, but I can't imagine that the tenor of his message anywhere is much different.