Friday, May 09, 2008

Fantastic Deal on Excellent ID DVDs

Access Research Network is offering a 50% discount on the three best DVD's giving the scientific case for Intelligent Design. I have seen all of these several times and endorse them highly. The empirical case is made effectively through the video format and the production values are very high. These are the DVDs.

1. Unlocking The Mystery of Life
2. The Privileged Planet
3. The Case for a Creator

These films give "the beef" for ID that the film "Expelled" only briefly touches on.


Ed Darrell said...

When I see people urging others to purchase these movies, even at a discount, I keep hearing Mark 18.6 run through my head.

I worry about the value of ideas that require otherwise honest people to dip into deception. Each of those films has serious problems with veracity. I suppose it's worthwhile to see what the arguments are, but I don't see you urging a critical look at the films, at least not the critical look they deserve, if we are not to deserve the millstone solution.

Ed Darrell said...

Of course I meant Matthew 18.6. See? Jonathan Wells' disregard for the facts bleeds over and affects us all.