Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Woe to you..." --Matthew 23.

Most become television characters,
Automatically defering to self, for self, in self, by self.
"My story..."
Memoirs, ubiquitous--in reviews, essays, editorials.
The imperious "I" as axiomatic, autosoteric.

Self intrudes, extrudes,
struts, whines, wishes, whistles, imposes.
"My story..."
Self permeates, as a way of life,
as way of (socially acceptable and normal) death--a noisey decay.

Why self? Why, it's self!
It's me.
Who else?
Theology as autobiography.
Theology as psychology.
No theology at all.

Selfism, solipsism, solecism.
First-person, firmly personal.
I am not lonely!...Am I?

Gaining the whole world through verbal theft,
Stealing self from God.
Steeling oneself from God.
Refusing to live in God, before God...
That self might find its rightful place,
And learn silence, solace, and more silence
In the One who is not silent, but demands
that self shut itself up and


Marty "the fly" Rosenbloom said...

I like this blog very much. I am part of Brother Micah Anderson's evangelist ministry. We appreciate your stalwart stance against culture. Although your seminary is a bit liberal for our ministry, I believe that you are standing against the tide their and changing things there. You are standing in the GAP as God commanded.

Do you LIKE Brother Anderson's great ministry for the Kingdom? Please pray for us!!!!!!!!!

Daniel said...


Southern Dreaming said...

I think Denver Seminary is better described as ecumenical.