Saturday, December 08, 2007

Resources on "The Golden Compass"

The atheist movie, "The Golden Compass" will soon be out. Here are some resources on it. Don't be taken unaware.

The Golden Compass: A Primer on Atheism
Russ Wise

Russ Wise explains The Golden Compass as a primer of Atheism, and presents suggestions of how Christians, especially parents, can respond.

Atheism For Kids
Gene Edward Veith

Gene Edward Veith examines the attack on C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia as the behind the scenes passion of author Philip Pullman.


Vitamin Z said...

Four related posts can be found here:

Tim R. said...

You may also be interested in checking out "The Golden Compass -- A Briefing for Concerned Christians" by Rev. Albert Mohler located at

SteveFed said...

You can view the first five minutes here:

Philosophers will notice that it lays out a somewhat naturalistic worldview, minus the bit about souls.

- "There are many universes and many earths, parallel to each other."

- "Dust was here from the beginning."

I don't know if this is necessarily intentional or not?

Tim R. said...

Steve: Almost definately about the "dust".

I kinda doubt the parallel universes one...while possible worlds are (of course) commonplace in philosophy, I don't know of any widely recognized scientific theories of the same. To my knowledge those theories are still relegated to the realm of "sci-fi science".

Peter M. Head said...

Mohler is far better than the two links posted. For starters he has actually seen the movie.

So what are the options for parents of nine year old daughters?
a) don't allow them to see the movie, but prepare them generally to discuss the issues raised with their friends;
b) see the movie with them and discuss the issues raised;
c) suggest she reads the books first so as to understand the nature of the anti-Christian world view articulated by Pullmann

Hovey said...

Is anyone planning on actually seeing the movie or reading the books? I had recommendations given to me to not see the movie or buy the books and endorse the series by supporting it financially. However, that seems intellectually irresponsible to me. I would think that if I were going to be critical of the series, I should have at least experienced it first hand. It seems hypocritical to be so critical using everyone else's thoughts without having actually interacted with it myself. Not that they are invalid, but I would like to think about it myself instead of having others thinking for me. I think actually seeing it would only enrich my ability to critique and engage with people & culture. Otherwise I feel I would only be throwing stones from a distance without knowing exactly what I'm aiming at with my blanket condemnations.

Tim R. said...

I read the books a while - after a friend of mine recommended them. Unfortunately, while I remember the bulk of the storyline, I don't remember several of the parts the controversy has focused on.

I do plan on reading them again shortly, in light of the controversy.

As for buying them...what I'd recommend (and this goes for most books) is that you read them first - check them out from a library or something - before deciding whether or not it's worth getting a copy.

Kevin Winters said...

I know that I am banned, but I just wanted to point out two things (which will hopefully be allowed after my hiatus): first, Pullman is a professed agnostic, not an atheist, and denies any atheistic agenda. Second, he said that Milton's Paradise Lost was one of his prime inspirations.

Tom Hinkle said...

I found this interview with a "Narnia" scholar concerning "The Golden Compass" to be enlightening:

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

"Kevin Returns!"--soon to be a major motion picture. You are welcome back as long as you are nice.