Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Constructive Curmudgeon Reviews "Crazy for God" by Frank Schaeffer

My long review of Frank Schaeffer's book, Crazy for God, is now posted at The Pearcey Report. This is written by the son of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. For the record, I did not chose the title of the review or the subtitles. I am grateful for the opportunity to give this troubling book a fairly thorough evaluation.

For a healthier perspective on Francis Schaeffer's ministry, see Rick Pearcey's fine essay:
Francis Schaeffer: A Student's Appreciation of a Distinct Approach.


Jeff Burton said...

Thank you for writing this review, Dr. Groothuis. I just finished the book. I was prepared to hate the book, but it was more complicated than I thought. There is some good in it, though I agree with you that many of the details should not have been included.

The saddest part of the book comes at the end, when (as you also pointed out in a different way), he visits a museum and observes, "many othose artifacts - from Syrian gods to Italian Vrigin-and-Childs-reflect the fact that we humans take hope in the irrational." His father's life work made no impression on him.

Lonnalee Anderson said...

Your review was a brilliant critique of modern evangelicalism. Great lessons. Thanks.
dave anderson

mirele said...

Dr. Groothius: Your grouchy, irritated review reminded me over and over again why I've walked away from the Christianity you're pushing. It has little to do with Jesus...not even the name ("they were first called Christians in Antioch").

While there's not much that I would not agree with Frank Schaeffer on, I can say that I totally understand why Schaeffer walked away from your brand of Christianity. I'd only remind you that Jesus said the two greatest commandments were "Love God and love your neighbor as yourself." Your insistence on dogma at the expense of everything else explains to me why Frank Schaeffer would ultimately find your world so stultifying and alienating.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Groothuis,

I read this review after searching for information about Frank Schaeffer's book, "Patience with God."

While I have not read "Crazy for God," one thing that stood out to me in your review is the repeated mention of Francis' impact upon a young Franky. I think this is a humbling reminder that we as Christians should not make assumptions or take for granted the faith of anyone. My father was a pastor and many times growing up people assumed that I was a Christian as well. This is a dangerous presupposition.

I will pray for Frank and his readers that the Truth will shine in their lives. I pray that God will force them to come face-to-face with their Creator.

Thank you for the review.