Thursday, December 21, 2006


Welcome to YouWorld. YourWorld, all the time, for You.

You matter to us. You do. You are worth it. It's all about You. You can do it. You have done it. You can have it. You have it all. You will do it. We know You. You are special. Everyone will like You; it is guaranteed. You deserve the best. In fact, You are the best. You for You, in You, ever You, world with You, Amen.

YouTube. YouAudio. YouAuto. YouFood. YouRest. YouWork. YouDress. YouPerfume. YouLotion. YouPotion. YouMotion. YouBody. YouMind. YouMate. YouLover. YouSpirituality. YouOrientation. YouMultiTask. YouSpace. YouPlace. YouTime--all the time.


You are You of the year, You! You are You of the decade--all of You. You are the One--all of you. With You is the You-ness of You.

We never flatter You: You just are the one and only You--all of You. None of You are can be left behind. You can get the edge on all the others--all of You. You are never alone because You are with You. The You of You is Your's. You own it. You know You do. We know You know You are the one. You rock, You Rocker. Celebrate You. You go, You.

...Go away, You.

[Inspired, in part, by Thomas De Zengotita, Mediated and Time Magazine's "Person of the Year [2006]: You."]


Yossman said...

Excellently written. This is poetry!

In the end you still comes after I. iMac, iBook, iLife, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD. 'You' works so well, because when people hear it, they really think 'I'. This is how advertising works. You is really about me and nothing else.

That is why advertising and the gospel don't belong together. The gospel says: 'You sinner', the repentant says 'iSinner' and the Christian denies himself while he brings glory to a third person singular: God.

JohnC said...

and all this coming from you...

Craig Fletcher said...

I heard Gino Geraci say the other day in a sermon "Almost all cases of atheism start with too high a view of the self, and too low a view of God."

Dr. G:

I was listening to your lecture on mind/body substance dualism yesterday while shoveling over 2 feet of snow from around the house... funny you should post this today. Who am I? It's a great lecture... I get a lot more out of your talks now than I did the first time around, which was my first exposure to such ideas. I actually think I almost "get it" now. :-)

Tim said...

Does anyone actually read Time any more?

(... yawn ...)

Paul D. Adams said...

Does this issue featuring the person of the year indicate there was no other worthy of Time's Person of the Year award? What about Os Guinness, one of the great social critics of our day or Alvin Plantinga, perhaps the best Christian mind of our day?

God have mercy on "You!"

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

There is a section in Time on important people of the year, like Iran's Madman "President," who is eagerly awaiting the AntiChrist.

The best typically fly under the cultural radar, while the worst fill the atmospheres with their unavoidable glare.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


I sometimes read Time because it influences so many people. The recent issues said they printed over 6,000,000 copies. It is mostly photographs and computer graphics, though; compare this with what it (or any other national weekly) was thirty or forty years ago. The text-to-photo ration has changed radically. Do the same with Christianity Today. I owe this insight to J. Ellul's brilliant work, The Humiliation of the Word.

Vicki said...

It's sad, but true. Appreciate your writings, Dr. G.

Hugh said...

No doubt this will soon appear in the hymnal at "me|Church"...

Katie said...

Thank you for mentioning this post in your blog today (6/16/08) I went in search of it, and am rewarded.

This may seem ironic, but may I post it on my 'facebook'? I have a facebook to provide an additional means of connecting with my son at bible college...his cell phone lacks bars at the school. Therefore, I have accumulated several of his college buddies as online friends, and they occasionally enjoy my musings and the wise things I try to challenge them with. I think many would enjoy your YouWorld poem. I will link back to your blog, and hope some of them will become fans.