Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Doug Groothuis Veritas Forum Lecture

My friend Paul Adams just told me that my 1996 Veritas Forum lecture at the University of Colorado is on line. It is called "Are All Religions Created Equal?" A google search would not expose it since my last name is misspelled: Groothius (intead of Groothuis). I wonder how many other things are listed under a misspelling of my Dutch name.

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Yossman said...

You recently commented to me, a Dutchman, on your Dutch name:

'I'm sure you cannot pronounce my Dutch last name better than I can, since I don't know Dutch.'

Maybe its the same with the spelling of that name. In the end the whole of America probably knows how to spell your Dutch name better than you and me since they know even less Dutch.

In the end, spelling and pronounciation are relative truths.