Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apologetics Resources: Free

1. I recently gave a talk at the Aslan Society luncheon held on the Arizona State University campus called, "Is Jesus the Only Way?" I handed out a four-page outline, loaded with facts, Bible references, and a resource list at the end.

2. Today I gave a talk to a group of teens called, "Teens, Truth, and Christ." This is a two-page outline of a much simpler nature; and it was a much tougher crowd, believe me. I am increasingly becoming aware of how vital it is to reach teens with a biblical concept of truth, apologetics, doctrine, and ethics. On this, see Christian Smith, Soul Searching and Josh McDowell, The Last Christian Generation.

I will make either or both outlines available to anyone who asks me. But remember, No lecture or sermon stealing! This is for your edification and education. Email:


SK said...
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SK said...

You're correct that we must get to teens before graduation. I'm so convinced of this that instead of having my two oldest boys (14 and 16) run off to Kroger’s to spend their summer learning the art of bagging groceries, I paid them to stay home and learn apologetics and basic Christian doctrine.

Yes, it cost me some change, but so what? Parents have no problem shelling out $50,000 a-year for a college education designed to talk their kids out of faith, so why not spend a fraction of that equipping Christian teens to engage their secular critics—before it’s too late?

Here’s a link (see below) that describes the resources I used to equip them. The boys also went with me when I spoke at Summit Ministries, which exposed them to pro-life apologetics as well. By the way, our little summer progam went GREAT!! I'm even thinking of starting a program called "Stay Home for the Summer" and taking it to other locations. We'll see.

D. A. Armstrong said...

I work with teens often and find that many are eager and waiting for someone to teach them apologetic material. One thing I've noticed is to bring apologetics to them at an adult level. I found that most of the kids wanted to be challenge and didn't want simplified answers. Most teens do not want the Sunday School answers any more.