Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rebecca Merrill Groothuis's Comments on Feminism

Christians for Biblical Equality has published some excerpts from Rebecca Merrill Groothuis's 1995 booklet, The Feminist Boogeywoman. This summarizes some of the arguments made in her first book, Women Caught in the Conflict. If carefully considered, these comments deflect about 90% of the worries about what is now called "Evangelical Egalitarianism." The essay can be found here:


Ann said...

Thank you for posting the link. I've been busy and had blown off reading the latest E-Quality newsletter.
Lately, I been participating in an online forum for the Evangelical wing of my denomination (ABCUSA). As the issue of Welcoming and Affirming homosexual practice has pushed us to the point of schism, many on this forum have been discussing what it will be like for us when we leave. Some of us evangelical egalitarians are a little nervous when our hierarchialist allies equate a desire for biblically-based gender equality with denial of biblical authority with regard to homosexual practice.
We gently remind them that those of us who promote gender equality do so not by denying biblical authority, but by embracing it. Your wife's writings (and others from CBE) have always given me good fuel for debate!

DanO said...

My only major question for Rebecca Merrill Groothuis is related to her assertion that evangelical feminism has a different history than modern secular forms of feminism. I think she makes this point too strongly (out of a desire to be clearly removed from other forms of feminism?). The feminism in the 1960s (second wave) was premised upon the earlier more evangelical forms of feminism (first wave). To me this actually suggests that contemporary evangelical feminists and the more radical wings of secular feminism (both would be considered third wave) do, in fact, share a common history -- even if their paths parted somewhere along the way.

That said, I'm glad more evangelicals are willing to embrace feminism. It's long overdue.



Ann said...

You may want to "pop over" to the "View from Her" blog. Things are starting to heat up in the discussion of Biblical Equality.

AP-101 said...

I understand that many in the church hold to egalitarianism because they sincerely believe that this is what the Bible teaches. However, I must question the great lengths that egalitarians go to in order to prove their point. Though you claim that you hold your position because of sound exegesis rather than societal pressures, it seems that egalitarians are failing to use normal, historical, grammatical interpretation of the Scriptures. I also must question why so many of the most capable and respected theologians throughout church history failed to see what is supposedly obvious. The reason, I believe, is because the Bible when properly interpreted does not teach nor support eglitarianism. My greatest "fear" as a complementarian is the "slippery slope." According to the May 2005 article in the E-Qualizer titled the "Feminine Aspects of God" many evangelicals see the Holy Spirit as "genderless" and as an "it." I find myself in disagreement with those particular "evangelicals" (as well as with the Jehovah's Witnesses) because the Holy Spirit is not an "it." He is the third member of the Triune God Who is correctly referred to by the use of masculine pronouns. In that same article the writer refers to Christian Scientists and Sun Myung Moon as believing that the Holy Spirit is female. Are we to believe that the CBE also endorses such cults as Christian Science an the Unification Church? I understand that you believe that egalitarianism is not an off-shoot of 1960's baby-boomer feminism. Yet, if my understanding is correct modern day liberation theology didn't actually rise to prominence until the. Is this coincidental?