Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Critique of the Megachurch

Pastor Susan Arnold, worship Pastor of New Day Church in Boulder and Denver Seminary philosophy student, has written a superb critique of the megachurch on her web log. I highly recommend reading it. http://www.deut64.blogspot.com

--Doug Groothuis


Bill said...

Well timed post, Doug. In reading your previous baseball essay and a few of the comments in response, I was going to bring up the similarities between a sports stadium and mega-churches - and how if you call the Pepsi Center a "21st Century Cathedral," those same criticisms could be directed towards mega-churches, as well.

Jody Harrington said...

Thanks for the tip. It is a great post and the comments and discussion are very interesting. I linked to it with credit to you on my blog. I've written several posts about the Lakewood Church in Houston because I am interested in the appeal of the mega-church although I can't imagine the kind of community evolving there that is found in the "traditionally-sized" churches.

john alan turner said...

Yeah, traditionally-sized churches are GREAT examples of community. That's why they're all so effective at reaching lost and hurting people.

If your church is bigger than, say, a few dozen, you cannot experience real community. You can only hope to survive on the same kind of "pseudo-community" that exists elsewhere in society. That's why we have to get folks into small groups where they can sit in circles and share their lives rather than sitting in rows staring at the backs of other peoples' heads.

If several small groups choose to come together for a corporate gathering, that's great. Lots of people, engaged in community, coming together. That's real.