Wednesday, November 23, 2005

O, My! Charles Colson on Oprah

Charles Colson has a commentary on Oprah Winfrey in his Breakpoint column today.

His comments are on target, except near the end when he says, "I'm not saying not to watch Oprah. She has wholesome guests, etc." This is wrongheaded in the extreme. O has sponsored more New Age authors--Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukov, etc. --than anyone else in the history of television. She brought on her yoga teacher to lead the audience in yoga exercises. (I know these things from reading or hearing about them; no, I have never watched the program and will not.)

I know of a person (who will remain nameless) who wrote a bang-up proposal and several chapters for a book that critiqued O's worldview. It was rejected by two publishers, largely because they feared reprisals from O herself or her throng of entralled sychophants. I know of a thinking Christian woman who dared criticize O in a Christian's woman's group and was taken to task because "She does so many nice things." Since when is that a test of godliness or biblical orthodoxy?

Let us face the facts: O is a false prophet, whose status as a cultural and spiritual icon is a sad commentary on America's theological stupefaction (not to put a fine point on it). Yes, she raised herself out of poverty and abuse. Good for her. Yes, she give a way a ton of money, but probably far less than 10% of her income. Yes, she is relentlessly positive--and relentlessly present on her magazine covers. But these considerations do not excuse her sponsoring of ungodly philosophies or justify her role as a New Age guru to the mindless and mesermized masses.


Ann said...

I do remember reading an article a few years back (perhaps on Christianity Today) which talked about the Oprahization of Christianity telling how her New Age philosophy and universalism were having a negative impact on the Church and society. Allegedly, she attended some Science of the Mind or Religious Science-type Church in Chicago.
Whatever Christian belief she had as a child was left far behind some time ago.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

Small Group Guy is wrong. O advocates a false and damning worldview. That is nothing to discount because she is a financial success.

nancy said...

One cannon underestimate the impact Oprah has on the average suburban Mom. One of my friends was convinced that Oprah's spiritual gurus were Christian. She was so excited and told me about the Christian bookstore she liked on Gaylord St. in Denver....there is no Christian bookstore, only a New Age store that didn't sell a single Bible.

Thanks to a lot of prayer and Paul's letter to the Roman's this woman realized she was "deceived" and is now a Christian and much more discerning.

When Oprah come to Denver recently, she apparently spoke to the audience before the taping and used a lot of scripture in her talk. For some this was verifiable proof that Oprah is a Christian.