Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Trouble with Paris: Book Review

My review of The Trouble with Paris by Mark Sayers is now up at Denver Journal.


Emily said...

I am glad to hear your perspective, thanks for reviewing this!

Emily said... the way, any particular books you would recommend from the authors you mentioned? I very much appreciated Sayers' book, but would be glad to study some more comprehensive, academic arguments. Thanks.

Doug Groothuis said...

1. J. Ellul, The Humiliation of the Word; The Technological Bluff

2. Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Technopology, The End of Education

3. Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media.

4. David Wells, No Place for Truth, God in the Wasteland, Loving Our Virtue; Above all Earthly Powers; The Courage to be Protestant

5. Os Guinness, Fit Bodies, Fat Minds; Prophetic Untimeliness

6. Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil.

Is that enough for a start?!

Emily said...

I should know better than to request reading material from a philosophy professor! I will definitely be digging some of these up.