Monday, June 15, 2009


I made a mistake in posting the Michelle Obama photograph. It really cannot be determined what the original setting was. I should have been more skeptical.

However, I volunteered at a church once where people came in for food who had cell phones.


Lisa said...

Careful Dr. G

Several of the men I know in the “transition” program at the shelter do have cell phones and come to the Wednesday night dinner at the church. They are employed with a company that calls them for the next job where they are needed. If these guys want to work, they have to have the phone. Those cell phones are basic plans or pay-as-you-go plans. And other people may have a cell phone instead of a home phone…in more and more cases, it is cheaper.

Enough said.

Matt Proctor said...

Dr. G.,

Many people in poverty would stay in poverty without a cell phone. Many employers demand those who apply for jobs to provide an address and a phone number. That cell phone may be the only lifeline they have to their next job/meal. Having said this, a cheap pay-by-the minute would be sufficient (a Blackberry is well over the top). I worked my first year of seminary for T-Mobile. I was saddened that many people were hooked into the hype of "needing" a fancy cell phone, while all along they could not afford it.