Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama and Islam

Frank Gaffney assesses Obama's Cairo speech at The Washington Times. Gaffney points out that Obama's phrases could not be uttered by a Christian and that he shows extreme deference to Islam.

Particularly concerning is Obama's referring to Mohammad and then saying, as Muslims do, "peace be upon him." Peace be upon a man who denied the Gospel and created a religion that rejects the Bible as the definitive revelation of God to humans? For a biblical view, see Galatians 1:6-11.

Obama also spoke of "the holy Koran." This is the book of jihad, that denies the Trinity (which it ignorantly views as Father, Son, and Mary), that allows men to take four wives and to beat them, and so on. It is not holy. He could have easily just said, "the Koran" and not offended anyone.

Further, he spoke of "the revelation" of Islam. "Revelation" in this context is a theologically-charged word. It is not descriptively neutral as is "scripture" or "teaching." If something is revealed, it comes down from a higher source (God). If the religion of Islam is "revealed" it is the true religion.

There is no reason for a statesman to speak this way unless he is quite partial to the religion itself. How partial?

America, we are in deep, deep trouble.

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Jerry said...

But, he spent many years in a "christian" church, under the preaching of that luminary, Jeremiah Wright.