Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take it Out; Live with it Off

"Some benefits of life without television" by Jim and Amy Spiegel. Kindred spirits are; out there. Thanks to Paul Adams for this link.


Heath Countryman said...

If my TV was that old, I'd take a sledge hammer to it too!

Sam said...

I'd be perfectly willing to get rid of my TV except that there's just one more season of LOST that doesn't begin until February 2010. Once that is over, I can get rid of the TV.

I don't watch TV. My real bane is the internet.

Anonymous said...

I just cancelled my cable subscription. I will be keeping my TV for DVD viewing.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just cancelled my cable subscripton following much reading, thought and prayer. I will be keeping my TV for occasional DVD viewings (e.g. Derek Trucks "Songlines Live"). Thank you for the insights into how television impacts my not only my life, but those around me. I am especially thankfull for the recommendation of Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death", as this served as the starting point into my aforementioned readings.

Brian said...

We got rid of TV after realizing that *all* of our dinner discussions were centered on TV programs.

I explained to the kids that I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before they left home, and I wanted us to devote more time to constructive projects (we also sold all our video games). We started doing a lot of the things we had always said we were going to do "someday".

I always grew up with the TV and had no idea what a life-stealer it was. You will not realize it until you get away from it.

You will also never realize how crude and low-minded it has become until you go away from it and then try to watch it again.

When you think about quitting TV, a little voice will tell you that you're being a Luddite or a fanatic and that your children will hate you and that you'll miss your favorite show. It's all a lie. Ignore it.

We are hobby farming and participating in a community orchestra now. We have real conversations at the dinner table. Nobody in my house misses the TV.