Monday, April 07, 2008

Once More to the O

Many of my loyal and disloyal readers already know the truth about Oprah Winfrey, but given there is some kind of Oprah blip recently in connection to her new darling, Ecky Tolle, we need to get to the bottom of things.

Despite her background and language, O does not believe in or promote biblical Christianity. For many years, she has instead promoted authors--such as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukov, and now Tolle--who deny the Bible by affirming a New Age worldview. That means a perspective that denies the Creator/creation distinction, denies the personality of God, and elevates humans as divine. Instead of repentance and faith in Christ as the Mediator, it teaches that Christ is merely a way-shower, one of many ways to discover "the divine within." These writers may use Christian terminology, but they empty the terms of biblical meaning. "God" now means a universal force or energy. "Christ" now means a state of consciousness. "Faith" means faith in your own divinity, not in the objective work of Christ, dying on the Cross to atone for our sins.

My first books took on this counterfeit worldview. The first, Unmasking the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1986), is still in print (barely). Although many of the names have changed, the worldview has not. A worldview that was a just starting to insinuate itself deeply into American culture is now mainstream for millions. Nevertheless, it is false, illogical, and unbiblical, as I argue there and in several other books. I have been writing, teaching, preaching, and debating on this topic for thirty years. This is nothing to take lightly; it is a false gospel (see Galatians 1). My prayer is that Christians will wake up, develop a truly Christian worldview, and not be deceived by the likes Oprah Winfrey.

Several years ago, The Christian Research Journal ran a solid critique of O. If you have any doubt about her New Age views, please read this! There is a six minute video on YouTube that reveals some O's basic beliefs. I cannot vouch for the book promoted at the end, however. Does anyone know anything about it?


Gary said...

Preaching through First John, I am struck by the fact that gentle John [the disciple whom Jesus loved, the one to whom He committed the care of His mother] uses such an endearing term for false teachers as "antichrists." John spoke the truth in love, but he never equivocated on truth. Without bludgeoning everyone who disagrees with us on a given point, we ought to name names rather than make vague references that people in the pew might miss. We should not have to depend on Larry King to flush out Joel Osteen regarding Jesus being the only way to heaven.

Brian said...

Dr. Groothuis,

You wrote, "...Unmasking the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1986), is still in print (barely)."

Might we be able to expect a revised edition in the future? It would be very useful to a pastor like myself here in a prominently new age environment here at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.



Doug Groothuis said...


They gave it a new cover about a year ago, but with no internal changes. I have not been approached about a updated version, and am not likely to do it--at least not until my apologetics textbook is done.

Thank you for asking. My book, Jesus in an Age of Controversy, was published in 1996. This is a response to New Age ideas about Jesus and is more up to date. It is in print with Wifp and Stock.

Katie said...

Dear Dr. Groothius,

You asked for information on the book connected with the YouTube video on Oprah.

Here is an announcement regarding some problems with the book from Lighthouse Trails;

Hope that helps. I always find your book reviews invaluable and try to check in on your blog now and then. I have a son at Bible College and am particularly interested in the danger of the 'New Spirituality' false teachings encroaching in many ways into the Church. Thanks for your wonderful reviews, blog and books!