Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Human Life and the Law of Colorado: Do Something!

I just learned that there is an organization called Colorado for Human Rights, which is sponsoring an amendment to the Colorado constitution to define human life as beginning at conception. This is a biological fact and should be seen as a moral and legal reality. Please look over their material and consider signing and distributing their petition. They are also sponsoring an event Sunday evening, April 13.

Fight fetus fatigue and get involved! I have a petition, so if you see me, ask to sign it.

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Jeremy said...

I've been reading Van Inwagen's book Material Objects. In that book he presents some interesting arguments against the idea that, even though the zygote is a life, it cannot be identical to my life. He's got some long drawn mereological arguments to support it, but he relies a lot on identical twining.

Have you thought much about twining and it's implications for the abortion debate?