Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Month for Jazz

April, 2008, is Jazz Appreciation Month, as celebrated by the Smithsonian. Look at what they have to offer. If you have never listened seriously to jazz, you may want to start with these recordings:

1. Miles Davis, "Kind of Blue."
2. John Coltrane, "Giant Steps."
3. Thelonious Monk, "Underground."


Vitamin Z said...

I find Hank Mobley's recordings to be a great into. His lines are perfect, but the music is pretty straight ahead and seriously swingin.


Vitamin Z said...

I meant to say intro not into

Paul D. Adams said...

And don't forget Bill Evans, "The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings: 1961." Read more here.

Doug Groothuis said...

2. I don't have much Mobley, but checked out a CD at the library I like. He may have played with Miles Davis a bit.

2, Yes, Bill Evans--a master with a one of kind touch.

Becky Vartabedian said...

I'll also recommend tuning into Jazz89 KUVO ( for the Morning Beat (M-F, 6-9a), Sunday evening Jazz with Erik Troe (8-10p) and Drive Time Jazz with Rodney Franks (M-F, 4-7p). There's a link on their website that will allow you to stream their programs.

Matt Steele said...

Dr. Groothuis - have you checked out The Bad Plus? They are my favorite jazz group playing today.