Thursday, July 27, 2006

Liberia: Land of Lament and Hope

The New York Times ran a story today on the present state of Liberia. Yesterday it celebrated its independence day. After a fifteen-year civil war that devestated the country, it is struggling to reenter civilization. The story features the restoration of some light, by way of electricity, which was a campaign promise of the new president, Ellen (aka, The Iron Lady). Yet without the Light of Christ restored in the hearts and minds of Liberia, there is no hope.

My good friend, Tony Weedor, is a native of Liberia. Along with his wife and their young daugher, he fled Liberia and ended up in a refugee camp in Ivory Coast. There they stayed in horrible conditions for two years. (While there, Tony read The Collected Works of Francis Schaeffer five times!) But God has mercy on them and provided a way to come to the United States and for Tony to study at Denver Seminary. After graduating in 1997, Tony and his family (now four children) served in Ethiopia for four and a half years. Tony returned a few years ago and working to set up a study center outside of the capital, Monrovia, called Center Point.

Please considering seeking God as to whether the Spirit might lead you to help support Tony and his team. He is especially in need of monthly personal support for his large family. Their vision is to help rebuild Liberia (which means land of liberation) on the Rock of Jesus Christ.


Paul D. Adams said...

Thanks for the post on Liberia. I remember Tony while at Denver Seminary and he was truly one to be admired for his passion for learning. He never took one moment for granted and savored his education like no other.

I do hope that others will prayerfully consider how they might help liberate Liberia with the Gospel through his ministry efforts. I know I certainly will.

Douglas Groothuis said...

Yes, Tony is a remarkable man. He always has a book with him, so there is never a wasted moment. He also carries a portable digital recorder with him to capture important talks for further use. The man values knowledge. May we learn from him.

One of the leading goals for Center Point is to establish a library in Liberia. At present, there are no public libraries and college classes are conducted without textbooks!