Sunday, July 16, 2006

Letters about Pornography Articles

The Denver Post did print my letter on their articles about pornography, along with two other critical letters. Notice, though, that the other two letters are in the "You offended me" category, while mine attempts to make a brief argument against the putrid pandemic of perversity. It is good that the other two letters expressed moral outrage, but we need more arguments in letters to the editor. Today's Post has more on pornography, but I have not read it yet.


Ray said...

I only read The Denver Post for the articles.

nancy said...

Dr. G - What is the likelyhood that readers actually distinguished between the moral outrage and the brief arguement?

Clint said...

I wasn't able to pull up the article. Has anyone else been able to view it?

Anonymous said...

Clint - I was able to pull the article up just fine. You might just try directly to access:

Fletcher said...

DR. G:

Bravo for your response to those articles. I read them myself because I went to their website to list a classified. When I was reading them, I felt like I was sinning.... I was ashamed!

Society is indeed going downhill ethically and morally. The undertone of these articles seemed to subtly suggest that pornography is more of a "hobby" than a toxin.

My wife and I have friends who (say they) are Christians, but yet they say they watch pornography "only when they are together to spice things up". I can personally attest that this view can only lead to an onslaught of darkness later.

Thank you for caring enough about this article to respond to it in writing to the paper. I hope that your comments will provoke some readers to rethink their views on pornography.

Douglas Groothuis said...


I read most of yesterday's articles on porn, but had to stop; it was so sickening. I also had to pray to cleanse my mind afterward. And that is just the description of what they do!

Watching smut to "spice up" sex is like pooring gasoline on a fire to get warmer. It will consume you.

Douglas Groothuis said...


Most people do not know what a logical argument is, sadly; so, they may not have been able to distinguish. What to do?

1. Teach logic in church.
2. Teach logic in the schools.
3. Teach logic in the home
4. Teach logic everywhere.

See John 1:1!