Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blog Discipline: Curmudgeon Cracks Down

Dear Participants in The Constructive Curmudgeon:

After receiving some astute observations on the vices of the blogosphere from a trusted friend and careful observer of this blog, I have decided to exercise more discipline on The Constructive Curmudgeon. In order to curb comments that take us off the posted topic, meanspiritedness, and superficiality, I am going to attempt several things:

(1) I will respond to fewer superficial, ad hominem, and angry posts.
(2) I will delete more posts that fit into the category of (1).
(3) I encourage all of you to write measured and thoughtful responses.
(4) I encourage some of you to spend less time on blogs (which are very limited with respect to genuine relationships and can easily become addictive) and more time conversing with other people in the flesh, reading books and other non-cyberspace printed material, and other wholesome activities.
(5)I will post less often, but with more substance (I hope). That means less diary-type essays, which I originally did not intend to write.

There are distinct benefits to blogs. Some of your posts are extremely insightful and I appreciate them. I especially appreciate GimmePascal's (who is a missionary) insights about African culture. But we must tighten the reigns a bit.

Doug Groothuis


nancy said...

Amen on #4 !!!

Dr Mike said...

For reasons that remain unknown to me, I find myself wanting to say something humorous whenever I read some of your posts and (especially) comments. I realize, though, that those of us blessed or cursed with sardonic and iconoclastic natures can quickly wear out our welcomes.

Given the direction you want to take your blog - and I do not at all question your right or wisdom to do so - I would probably do well not to read or comment here anymore.

For past indiscretions, superficialities, personal attacks, or angry comments I may have made (whether intentional or not), I sincerely apologize.

I wish you continued success in your online ministry.

doug said...

Points well taken. Thanks Doug.

Douglas Groothuis said...


I am not against well-placed humor. It may be very instructive. So, don't give up yet!