Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Never a Bad Time to Recommend a Few Books

Recommended Reading for Developing a Christian Mind: Beginning to Intermediate Level of Difficulty

I. On the importance of the Christian mind:

1. J.P. Moreland, Love God With All Your Mind (NavPress, 1997).
2. James Sire, Habits of the Mind (InterVarsity Press, 2000).
3. Douglas Groothuis, Truth Decay (InterVarsity Press, 2000) .

II. On the truth and rationality of the Christian world view:

1. Winfried Corduan, No Doubt About It (Broadman, Holman, 1997).
2. James Sire, The Universe Next Door, 4rd ed. (InterVarsity Press, 2004).

III. On the identity of Jesus:

1. Douglas Groothuis, On Jesus (Wadsworth, 2003).
2. Murray J. Harris, Three Crucial Questions About Jesus (Baker Books, 1994).
3. Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ (Zondervan, 1998).

IV. The New Age Movement

1. Douglas Groothuis, Unmasking the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1986).
2. Douglas Groothuis, Jesus in an Age of Controversy (Wipf and Stock, 2001).

V. Jesus and other religions

1. Douglas Groothuis, Are All Religions One? Booklet (InterVarsity Press,
2. Ronald Nash, Is Jesus the Only Savior? (Zondervan, 1994).


Littlest Apologist said...

Hey! I know a beginner that could use a list such as this :)

Thank you for taking the time to assemble and post it.


Douglas Groothuis said...


I am happy to do so. I compiled this list a few years ago, and thought I'd share it with the vast multitude who hang on every word of my blog. Hah!