Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to be a Good Idiot

1. Do not listen to people (or animals).
2. Do not read.
3. Multitask everything.
4. Pretend that acquaintances are friends.
5. Say "whatever" whenever religion, philosophy, or politics comes up.
6. Think that newer is better.
7. Avoid people in pain.
8. Put off thinking about death.
9. Know the cost of everything and value of nothing.
10. Prefer virtual reality to embodied reality.
11. Follow the crowd.
12. Substitute catch phrases for thought.
13. Hate silence.
14. Never sit still.
15. Pretend that all pleasures have equal value.
16. Think that all pain is bad.
17. Ignore history.
18. Ignore eternity.
19. Fear boredom.

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