Monday, February 24, 2014

A Commentary on my Recent Debate

I need to give a clarification about my debate with Marvin Straus of the Boulder Atheists, held at The University of Colorado, Boulder on February 21.

Some are disappointed that I did not debate another philosopher or someone better at arguing. I have debates other philosophers and academics before. But let me explain why I debated Marvin. 

The only reason I debated Marvin Straus is that the Boulder Atheists wanted him to do it. The back story is that I originally wanted to do a question-answer time with the atheists, as Sean McDowell has been doing lately. They did not want that. Instead, they put forth Marvin, and I agreed. Perhaps I should not have, but I saw it as a good opportunity. Life permitting, I will consider debating stronger thinkers. But I do not take this lightly. It takes significant preparation, and my wife is in the hospital right now. I did talk to Wes Morriston about doing a dialogue about God and morality. We will see if that develops.

Moreover, plans are in the works for me to be on a panel discussion with Michael Tooley, another atheist and another Christian. Stay tuned on this.

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