Thursday, July 05, 2012

Reason #11 to Defeat Barack Obama:  A Culture of Death

vicfund-donate-sq-052312President George W. Bush set a goal for America.  He called for a society where every child would be “welcomed in life and protected in law.”  

This compassionate vision of a society which respects the value of every individual is what we work for each and every day at National Right to Life. 

But now there’s another president with a different approach.  One where the individual is de-valued.  Where he or she can be killed at any time during pregnancy.  Where government policies can deny a person life-saving medical care if he is sick, elderly or disabled, and where unborn children are denied legal protection.  

That’s President Obama’s approach.

Our 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama document why he is the most radically anti-life president in the history of our country.  Just look at the ten reasons in this series to date: 

Obama gives taxpayer dollars to an organization that assists China's population program, infamous for coerced abortions.*
Obama opposed banning partial-birth abortion.
Obama opposes the bill before Congress to ban sex-selection abortion.
Obama opposed protections for children born alive in an abortion.
Obama has appointed anti-life judges.
Obama has supported keeping late abortions legal, even after the point at which a baby can feel pain.
The Obama health care law expands insurance coverage for abortion.
Obama gutted conscience protections for medical personnel and disregarded conscience objections of taxpayers who oppose abortion.
Obamacare includes provisions to ration life-saving medical treatment.
Obama has disregarded our nation’s fundamental values of life and liberty as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
*each of these brief articles can be found at       
You might think he can’t get any more anti-life than that.  Well, think again.

If Barack Obama wins a second term as president, he will not be restrained by any political calculations about how unpopular his anti-life policies are.   

In a second term, Obama could issue executive orders without personal political
consequences. And if he has a pro-abortion Congress behind him, he could enact anti-life laws that greatly expand both abortion and rationing.

The National Right to Life Victory Fund exists to see that this does not happen.

Using proven methods to get out the pro-life vote, the National Right to Life Victory Fund will fight every day until November 6th to see that Barack Obama is not re-elected, and that a pro-life Congress represents us in Washington. 

You and I are the voice of the vulnerable unborn, who have no voice of their own. Please give generously to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  And please forward this important message to your friends by e-mail, Facebook, etc. 

Your voice is powerful!  If every American lets it be known what Obama is really doing on the life issues, we can defeat him in November!

Thank you!

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life


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