Thursday, July 12, 2012

I sent this to NPR's program, "All Things Considered."

Melisa Block’s interview with Professor Lawrence Jacobs about whether the opposition to ObamaCare conveyed many falsehoods. Jacob’s thesis is that just as we accepted Social Security and Medicare, we will come to accept ObamaCare if it works out (and, of course, it will—just like the other programs). This commits the fallacy of false analogy and misreads history. ObamaCare would eventually make medicine in its totality part of the federal government. This differs from Social Security and Medicare, which were less radical and extensive. Moreover, these previous programs are now unsupportable financially!  ObamaCare would be far, far more expensive and unsustainable. Lastly, the earlier opposition to Social Security and Medicare rightly warned about the gradual rise socialism. We are now seeing socialism face-to-face, and we should refuse it

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