Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dan Barker Reviewed

Deborah Basehore reviews an evening with atheist Dan Barker; Barker responds; and I respond to Barker.


JDB said...

I think it is at least somewhat admirable that he engaged her response.

Carl W Baggett Jr said...

I've read and enjoyed several of your books especially "Truth Decay" which makes me wonder why you did not answer Lars Larson's claims. Why did you restrain yourself? Atheism makes up such a small section of our country; however, they are quickly becoming the loudest. Shouldn't we defend our faith at all costs?

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...


I gave some responses to Lars Larson and John Stockwell, more for other readers than for them, since they are so truculent and bellicose. After a while, one wonders the point of responding to them. But I did again! Now that they are banned from my blog, they take on the blog of one of my students!

ThomasTancredo said...

Atheism is the biggest issue for believers today. We need to have a loving apologetic for these postmodern times (I appreciate yours, Dr.).

Here is what Dr. Ray Comfort says about evolutionary atheism:

"So let's make it clear once more. If you are a professing atheist, and you believe that nothing created everything, then you must come out from behind the skirts of science. What you believe is unscientific lunacy. If you say that something created everything, you have come to your senses, and you are no longer an atheist. Good for you."

Dr. Comfort shows us what we must do: push the non-believer toward the Horns of the Dillema. Which will he choose?

Logic may be one of the biggest tools in the battle against unbelief.