Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last night I heard Dan Barker, formerly a Christian minister and musician, give his testimony of losing faith because he grew up intellectually. I was not impressed by his arguments. He was an anti-intellectual, emotional Christian who lived on goose bumps. When he started to think, he has nothing to rely on--and became an atheist.

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    • Douglas Groothuis I started my Christian life with no great conversion experience and was miserable for the first six months. Then, thank God, I began to study out Christianity and compare it to all other pertinent worldviews--and have done so for the past 34 years. I know Darwnism, pantheism, Islam, and more. I am not naive. I remain an intellectually convinced Christian.
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    • Douglas Groothuis Most of this journey of discovery, discourse, and debate will be presented in my apologetics book, Christian Apologetics--700 pages and 28 chapters.
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John said...

When does your apologetics book come out?

Todd F said...

I read Barker's book a few years back. It's pretty weak. I hear he's improved (if you call being a sharper enemy of Christ an improvement).

Best to you in writing your book.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

By Fall of 2011, I hope.