Saturday, April 03, 2010

What Matters Most Table of Contents

I have sent the rest of the chapters of What Matters Most: Defending Christian Truth today to InterVarsity Press. As it now stands, this is the table of contents. They will edit it and send it out to at least one external reviewer, so things may change (but I hope not too much). I have been writing this since early 2003.

I. Apologetic Preliminaries

1. Introduction
2. Biblical Basis of Apologetics
3. Apologetic Method
4. The Christian worldview
5. Distortions of Christianity
6. Truth Defined and Defended
7. Why Truth Matters Most
8. Faith, Risk, Rationality

II. The Case for Christian Theism

9. Theistic Arguments
10. Ontological Arguments
11. Cosmological Arguments
12. Design Argument: Fine-Tuning
13. Origins, Design, and Darwinism
14. Evidence for Intelligent Design
15. The Moral Argument for God
16. Religious Experience Arguments for God
17. Uniqueness of Humanity: Consciousness and Cognition
18. Deposed Royalty
19. Reliability of the NT: (Craig Blomberg)
20. The Claims and Credentials of Jesus
21. The Incarnation Defended
22. The Resurrection of Jesus

III. Objections to Christian Theism

23. Religious Pluralism
24. The Challenge of Islam
25. The Problem of Evil
26. Conclusion

IV. Appendices

Appendix A: Hell on Trial
Appendix B: Apologetic Issues in the Old Testament (Richard Hess)


Bill Honsberger said...

This looks great. Can't wait to get a copy.

Yossman said...

Interesting that under Objections to Christian Theism there is a chapter on the Challenge of Islam. Would one not expect to find allies in the islamic camp as far as the defense of theism is concerned (e.g. Kalam Argument)? Doesn't naturalism pose an even more formidable objection?

Sam Harper said...

This sounds great. I would buy this book today if it were already finished and on Amazon.

Ahithophel said...

Looks fantastic, Dr Groothuis! Can't wait to read it (and interview you about it). (This is Tim Dalrymple, by the way.)

Jamin Hubner said...

Despite our differences in method, I look forward to buying a copy!

jamin h