Thursday, April 01, 2010

Virtual God

One can purchase and outfit virtual pets on line, even buy virtual dog food. This causes me to ponder the possibilities.

Announcing: Virtual God!

Why rest content with old, worn-out, and decaying dogmas? Design your own Virtual God at! Select from a wide variety of exciting possibilities: male, female, neuter; one God, two gods, many gods; personal or non-personal; one with the universe or above the universe; moral or amoral; ritual or a-ritual. And create your own personal, individual form of worship in our virtual world. You pick the God or gods and you, you, you (!) select the forms of worship fitting your busy lifestyle. Consider the choice of one of our satisfied customers:

Joyce created The God I am Most Comfortable With. He is not fussy about sexual activity, really likes TV, accepts everyone as they are; and blesses shopping--any and all shopping! In fact, shopping is sacramental, elemental, and eternal for The God I am Most Comfortable With.

But this is just one possibility among endless possibilities. Virtual God is ready with the metaphysics and theology of your sacred choice. Not only that, you are not locked into you deity! You can change he, she, or it at any time for any reason--for no extra cost. Our computer programs will adjust the bio for the deity and give you a graphically exhilarating and audio mesmerizing deity--all for just $29.95 per month.

Virtual God! Why wait to chose the deity of your choice?


Mason said...

Never fails. I can't invent my own god now. The site is gone. Apparently these kinds of gods aren't able to keep themselves in existence let alone do anything for me!

(I love it Doug. I needed some humor. Thanks)

Testosterom aka Dr. Evil said...

This biting piece hits the spot. So many moderns will construct a god of their own liking with their own 'specs' to match,but will NOT worship the real God who is awesome & cannot be controlled by our will.
But God is a unique being,who will NOT comply with our demands,we have to comply with Him. And that requires humility,a trait sadly lacking in most moderns who worship the self instead.