Friday, November 06, 2009

Whence Mind? No Matter!

In a recent issue of The Philosophers Magazine, atheist philosopher Raymond Tallis admits that Darwinism cannot explain the human mind. Of course, Christianity can.


pennoyer said...

Tallis writes, "If there isn't an evolutionary explanation of consciousness, then the world is more interesting than biologists would allow."

James Le Fanu comes to a very similar conclusion in his recent book Why Us? How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves.

Their works, interestingly enough, focus on separate but complementary "crises" in any strict materialist explanation of consciousness. Le Fanu takes as the "crisis" not the problematic emergence of consciousness (as Tallis does here), but the actual facts of how the human mind works based on the current state of brain science.

Massdream Music said...

Materialists will never realize that they have it backwards. Matter reduces to Mind, not the other way around!

The scientist tossing out “mind” is sort of like the mathematician tossing out “infinity”, and re-writing all his equations accordingly.

Adrian said...

As Bertrand Russell's grand-mother purportedly said, "What is mind - never matter ... what is matter - never mind."