Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ella Live!

A treasury of long-forgotten Ella Fitzgerald live recordings has been released, and is written up in The New York Times. She was one of the greatest jazz singers ever--perfect pronunciation, incessant joy, and fantastic range.


Kamilla said...

. . . and smooth, comfortable voice! You never wonder if she's going to land on top of the notes or not. I'll let you keep John Coltrane, I'll take the inestimable Ella Fitzgerald!

thanks for the heads up.


Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

I'll take both, but have to admit I don't have any Ella recordings! Hint, hint, out there!

Paul D. Adams said...

Saw Ella and Joe Pass many years ago with Oscar Peterson. An evening I'll never forget!sur

Ed Trefzger said...

Ella's songbook albums and her recordings with Louis Armstrong from the '50s are impeccable ... but this promises to be a gem from the three sample tracks included in the article.

A great Ella studio collection to have is the three-CD set First Lady of Song.