Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who to Trust?

Against Emanuel and Biden stand David Petraeus, the world's foremost expert on counterinsurgency (he saved Iraq with it), and Stanley McChrystal, the world's foremost expert on counterterrorism. Whose recommendation on how to fight would you rely on? -- Charles Krauthammer


Mike Aubrey said...

too bad there wasn't much of Iraq left to save...

John said...

Krauthammer's question assumes that there are only two options: that of the administration, and that of Petraeus.

Perhaps we shouldn't be there at all. Perhaps, a broke nation, waging a war in a third world country has more to lose than to gain in such a conflict?

We're waging a costly war that we can't afford to fight, and our moral legitimacy is waning by killing civilians and ruling with an iron fist.

I'm with Rep. Alan Grayson on this, let's just leave them alone.