Monday, October 26, 2009

Debate on God's Existence at ACC

The Arapahoe Community College Philosophy Club, The Think Tank, presents:

A Philosophical Debate about God

Questions include:

Is morality possible without God?
Is proof of God’s existence evident?

Robert Casteline: Denver Seminary
and Mark Gowan: ACC philosophy faculty

Thursday, November 5, 7-9:30 p.m.
ACC Cafeteria
Admission Free!

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Jim Pemberton said...

Perhaps I'm just ignorant, but the questions seem vague.

My first question with regards to the first question is of the definition of morality. I presume one of the debaters is not Christian. If that person doesn't agree with his opponent, presumably a Christian, then there can be little meaningful debate.

The second question is probably just poorly worded, but would they not be debating on the evidence of God's existence rather than the evidence of any proof? As it is, whether the Christian intends to use evidential apologetics alone or include presuppositional apologetics, it would be helpful to understand any differences in how each handles evidence logically and the relationship between evidence and what we call "proof".

To be sure, I would posit that arguing God's existence is fruitless unless you first agree on the nature, the essence or substance, of God. Then we may see played out a difference between the existentialist (or derivative thereof) and the Christian.