Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone Listened

In the summer of 2005, I preached a hard message called, "Television: Agent of Truth Decay," to a very young congregation in Englewood, Colorado, pastored (then) by Dave Anderson. I blogged about it here, in fact. The message was difficult to give, not well received, and left me exhausted. I felt old (and that was four years ago). Don't ask how old I now feel most of the time.
Today, out of nowhere, a young woman at my church told me that she heard that sermon from 2005 and had since then banished TV from her life. She now has a young family and was thankful that her home is a TV-free environment. "It clicked for me," she said, after I told her how challenging the message was to give in that environment.

Once in a while, a weary and battle-scarred old curmudgeon needs to hear things like that.


Neil said...

I hope that keeps you going! One of the hardest things about sharing the Gospel is trusting God with the timing and the results. Same thing for other messages. Blessings to you for preaching the truth.

Ray said...

I still derive great benefit from "Truth Decay" and look forward to your forthcoming apologetics book.

Jeff Dodson said...

Yes, I benefited greatly from Truth Decay as well. And...I no longer watch television at all, and I feel much better for it.

R.D. Thompson said...

Dear Weary Old Battle Scarred Curmudgeon,

Everything you say about TV "clicks" with me.

Thanks :-)


Anonymous said...

Believe me, I get it. I am ready to throw our TV sets out the door as well. I hate that it takes up so much time, and I am tired of being surrounded by people who are consistently being poluted by hours and hours of all these shows I have never even caught a glimpse of. I do not understand how people have so much time to watch all these shows! I have to wonder when the last time was that most people read a book.