Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm Back: Will Lecture in Englewood This Friday

[My new, improved computer locked me out of my very own Curmudgeon Dungeon for several days, but I outfoxed it, techno-wizard that I am (not). ]

Wellspring Anglican Church is starting an eight part lecture series called "Is Christianity Relevant or even True?" The church is located at 4300 S. Lincoln St., Englewood, CO 80113. I am giving the first lecture this Friday at 7:00 PM on "Do You Have to Check Your Brain at the Door to Become a Christian?" (I did not select the title.) The lecture will address the biblical account of the life of the mind, critique fideism, and tackle one major intellectual problem for Christianity (come to see to find out what it is). These lectures are free of charge, but will cost you your attention. Free child care is provided.

I will deliver another lecture in the series on July 18, to be called, "Are Christianity and Science Incompatible?" It will discuss a Christian philosophy of science and explore the contribution that intelligent design can make to a Christian worldview.

For more on this series, see the web page.


ryan said...

What time is the lecture on Friday night? Your link to the web page is not working for me.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

7:00 PM. I justed added it to the post.

Daniel said...

Claire's graduation is Friday evening so we will unfortunately miss the inaugural talk. But we're looking forward to them thereafter!

This is a great opportunity to bring non-Christian friends or even Christian friends (yourself?) who do not engage Christianity intellectually. Although if you're on this blog I don't know why you would not be engaging Christianity intellectually. But ya never know I guess!