Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary is Out: God Save us from Obama

The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton will withdraw from the race and give her support to Obama. I was hoping she could fight to the end and engineer a "brokered convention" that would leave the Democrats divided and angry at each other. That way, McCain would have a better chance to win. But it was not to be.

There is a leadership dearth in America today, especially in politics. Neither party ran a strong, wise, trustworthy candidate for President. This indicates national decay, more so than economic woes. "Without a vision, the people perish." We see no one with the vision of a Ronald Reagan. (Those seeking a solid understanding of Reagan should read Peggy Noonan's, When Character Was King.)

So where do we stand? I encourage Christians to support John McCain any way they can. This is because the alternative is unthinkable: an inexperienced, pro-abortion, tax and spend, internationalist, racially confused (think of his church affiliation) extreme liberal who does not understand Islamic fascism or how to deal with it. His race has absolutely nothing to do with it. I was hoping that Condoleeza Rice would run for President--and I hope she ends up as the vice presidential candidate along side of McClain.

As I wrote earlier, this is no time for Christian conservatives to pout and refuse to vote. Politics is the art of the possible. It is not the church. You should not call a pastor who defects from orthodox theology. But in politics, you may need to support someone who does not share many of your views. To be a perfectionist and a purist (if you will) is suicidal in this case.

Obama would lose the war in Iraq, thus likely causing it to fall into the hands of Islamic extremists (after a horrific civil war, costing hundreds of thousands of lives). We do not want to repeat Viet Nam, a war that the US won (at great cost) and then lost because it would not support the Vietnamese government adequately. The result: the killing fields. This time, instead of Asian blood, it would be Persian blood. (To understand why political liberals cannot understand the evils of Islamic terrorism, read David Horovitz, Unholy Alliance.)

Obama would appoint liberal non-originalist Supreme Court justices would not vote against the legal and moral nightmare of Roe vs. Wade, and who would like support same-sex marriage as a Constitutional right. For a non-orginalist, the Constitution is a wax nose they can twist any way they want. They create law, instead of interpreting it. One could go on.

Whatever the result of this election, the Kingdom of God is not tied to any political program or party. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Jesus was not elected Lord and he will not be voted out of office. Nevertheless, politics and law and culture matter. Christians should wake up, get in gear, and make a difference. In this election, to my mind, this means: pray for, vote for, and contribute to John McCain for President.