Thursday, November 22, 2007

My "Mail Order" Degree

Recently a person with an unctuous screen name made an obnoxious remark about my "mail order" degree (Ph.D. in philosophy, 1993) from the University of Oregon (Eugene). My wife did some research and found this on the University of Oregon web page:

The university is one of only sixty-two public and private institutions in the U.S. and Canada selected for membership in the exclusive Association of American Universities (AAU).

This isn't bad for a "mail order" school!


Anonymous said...

Doug, I'm sorry for what that jerk said. For someone who "loves Jesus" he wasn't showing it.

And it says something about you that you allowed that comment to stay up.

People shouldn't say things online that they wouldn't say in person.

I, for one, have an enormous amount of respect for your work and I've enjoyed reading you and your wife's writings.

Tom said...

Go Ducks!

D. A. Armstrong said...

I've considered U of O as a school to further my education. U of O has strict standards as to what school it accepts degrees from. It may not be on the top 10 in schools in philosophy, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. A good school can turn out a bad student. The school doesn't necessarily make the student. Looking over some of those colleges on Philosophical Gourmet, many of the schools have one or two major scholars that make or break the school.

Kyl Schalk said...

If apologists make a lot more progress, comments like his will seem like even more of a joke, Dr. Groothuis.

Kyl Schalk said...

I should have written, “If apologists (with the assistance of the Spirit) make a lot more progress, comments like his will seem like even more of a joke, Dr. Groothuis.”