Friday, November 16, 2007

Interview with John Coltrane!

Here is a technology to be praised: a six and a half minute interview with John Coltrane from 1960 on Youtube. There is no video, only audio (plus a slide show of many Coltrane albums and some book covers). He is soft spoken, but articulate; the host is rather flatfooted. But listen to Trane for yourself. I never heard his voice before in a conversation.


Kyle said...

That's what I've been looking for: a nice simple praise of something new technology has provided. I am now satisfied.

Roger said...

Thanks for posting this. I will have to go back and spin up some of the old Coltrane vinyl. He was certainly an apostle of the saxophone. It would be nice to get to listen to the Kenny Burrell and Coltrane and the Getz and Coltrane LP/CD's as I have never heard them.

Craig Taylor said...

This material has been available for years on European label that features Coltrane's last tour with Miles Davis before venturing out to lead his own group.