Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stunningly Pedestrian: I need Advice about YouTube!

It may startle some of you, but I occasionally entertain myself by watching music videos on YouTube. (Lately, I've been trying to find old Kansas performances, and have found some Coltrane and Miles Davis gems before.) However, for several weeks, I have not been able to get videos to play through without stopping and starting about five times a minute--not the best way to enjoy music. Does anyone have a solution to this?


Sam said...

Does the red bar preload all the way? If not, it may be still loading.

An alternate method to watch YouTube movies is to download them as video files which can be played offline.

You can use this tool to download them:
And the free VLC video player to watch them.

David McKay said...

I used Download Accelerator Plus [which is free] and which has an optional extension called Speedbit Video Accelerator.

You may sometimes have to wait for a minute or so, but the videos scroll smoothly.

Andrew McNeill said...

Sometimes that happens to me because the internet connection isn't fast enough and just needs to be given some time to load. Typically what I do is hit the pause button and go and do something else for a few minutes and then come back to watch it.

Vitamin Z said...

Andrew's comment is what I was thinking as well. That is usually my problem. Good connections = no stops, bad internet connection = lots of pauses.

ChrisB said...

I 2nd what Andrew said: I just hit pause and let it load all the way.

jcubsdad said...

Occasionally I find that mine is slow because I have not cleaned out the cookies in my internet browser for awhile. When I clean them up it seems to help a bit.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

The last time I cleaned out cookies I gained ten pounds. So, I have no idea how to do this digitally.

Tim Berglund said...

Doug, you've gotten great advice on the cause of your intermittent video playback; there is not need for me to add to it. I'm only commenting here to say first of all that I am pleasantly shocked that you watch music videos on YouTube, and more importantly, that I myself was just watching a Kansas video (Carry On My Wayward Son, naturally) several times the other day. My kids got a good introduction to what hard rock sounded like when their dad was...much younger.

This was occasioned by several days of playing the video game Guitar Hero 2, which opened the kids' musical vistas just a little. Good stuff.

jcubsdad said...

To clean out the cookies do this:

1) Go to your local safeway (he he)
In internet explorer go to the tools menu on the upper left hand of the screen.

2) Go to internet options. You should have a section that says browsing history and a tab that says delete files. It might look a little different depending on which Internet Explorer you have

3) If it asks if you want to delete them all tell it yes. If you have never done it this should take several minutes. Cookies are files and programs left on your computer to help recognize you after going to a website. When they are gone things usually run a little bit faster.

Johannes said...

Kansas :) Yes, i played that Carry On My Wayward Son a few years ago on a gig, awesome song!

In the middle of metal and philosophy of religion, regards from Sweden.