Friday, June 15, 2007

Curmudgeon in Hungary

This is a travel blog. After three flights and a three hour drive, I arrived in Eger, Hungary yesterday for The European Leadership Forum, where I will give nine talks in six days, all related to apologetics or theology.

Internet access is spotty, as is the telephone connect to the US. My room's air conditioning has yet to learn the "on" position, which made sleeping difficult. Today is mostly an off day before hitting the lecturing hard for a week. I have already had several heartening conversations, one with the leader of the UK InterVarsity ministry, another with a retired physicist.

Today I look forward to more unplanned conversations, prayer for much missing luggage--not my own, thank God--and reading Philip Jenkins's new book, God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis. May God's Kingdom be manifest through this meeting.

Reporting from Hungary, on a public Internet port, and needing more sleep,
A Curmudgeon abroad


D. A. Armstrong said...

We hope that things go well. We pray that you will be effective in your talks. It sounds like fun equipping Christians in Hungary. I certainly wouldn't mind being there.

Yossman said...

Sorry for not being able to be there. May your work be fruitful. What Europe needs is two things in my humble opinion: (A) a revolution of thought, which will undermine the prevailing atheistic, materialistic worldview. It will have to start with the church and the message it communicates. (B) A revolution of the power of the Holy Spirit: sanctification, conviction, gifts, healing, deliverance.

One suggestion. Maybe the word "on" is Hungarian for "off".

Paul D. Adams said...

Great! So glad you made it. I see you're about half way east of Budapest from where I was just outside Debrecen. Without question, many in Hungary are spiritually malnourished and I trust you'll make a significant impact for Christ.

It seems like just yesterday when you were previewing my lectures in preparation for our visit there.

Waiting to hear more.

Jeff S. said...

Yes, we are all "Hungary" for updates during the next two weeks. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Roger Marshall said...

As one of the attendees at the conference in Eger, which just finished yesterday, I can testify to the facts that your teaching there was anointed by the Spirit of God. It was stimulating to hear you teach on Pascal, New Age challenges to Biblical truth, and to be challenged in turn, in your plenary on Wednesday night, confidently to take the truth of Scripture into the ideological warfare that we are necessarily engaged in, (whether we want to be or not) in Europe and the world. It was also a great pleasure to be able to chat with you at a mre personal level. Despite our disagreement over certain issues I consider myself privileged to have been able to share with you and lear from you. May God be with you ad your wife as you seek His glory together.