Monday, March 05, 2007

God as Father

Rebecca Merrill Groothuis has written a short essay on the meaning of God as Father on the web site of Christians for Biblical Equality. An earlier version of this essay first appeared on The Constructive Curmudgeon. I commend it to you for an insightful and nuanced understanding of God with respect to gender.


Ray said...

You have been noticed by radio host Ingrid Schlueter, and she's none too flattering:

Tom said...

My, oh my. I do believe that Ms. (er, Miss or Mrs. as I'm guessing she'd rather be called) Schlueter is taking this whole "straight and narrow" thing a bit too literally--at least as regards intellectual perspective.

Yes, she all but calls Doug and Becky "tools of the devil." But then she seems to think that Denver Seminary and Biola are also Satan's screwdrivers, so what are you gonna do?

Seriously, here's what I don't get. If you think that person X and institution Y have generally been sincerely and truly on the right side, and you now find that you think that what X and Y are saying/doing doesn't match up with what you take to be what those on the right side would do, you have a choice. Arrogantly proclaim that, as it turns out, X and Y aren't on the right side after all or claim that maybe things aren't as clear as you might have originally thought. What I don't get is why do we so often choose the former when the latter is clearly the more reasonable, humble, and kind course?

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

I'll be posting something about the "Crosstalk" comments soon.