Friday, May 19, 2006

Moderated Chat Room on "Da Vinci Code"

On Friday, May 19, from about 11:00-12:00, I participated in a moderated chat room with "The Rocky Mountain News" religion reporter, Jean Torkelson, about "The Da Vinci Code." The technology was a bear, but I think I got a few good apologetics points in. You be the judge. Here is the link.

Sorry, but the link highligher still doesn't work on this blog. I'm tempted to switch to another (free) blog site. Does anyone has any suggestions?


jazztheo said...

I started on blogger myself and became frustrated with its limitations. As I searched, I couldn't find any other free options that would satisfy. I finally went with typepad--I'm a rather frugal guy but it's been worth the $80/year.

Tim said...


I usually do links by hand. Try this, only replace the square brackets everywhere with pointed ones:

[a href = ""]Groothuis Contribution[/a]

The basic syntax is [a href = “”] * [/a] with the URL between the quotation marks and the visible hyperlinked text at the *.

When I replace those brackets with the right kind, I get this:

Groothuis Contribution

Craig Fletcher said...

One good point I learned from reading about the (lack of) historicity in "The Code" is that the Priory of Sion never even existed, at least not the Da Vinci Code version.

Here's a fun test: Do a google search on "Priory of Sion", and then do another on "Priory of Sion hoax" and see the difference in content. While it is obvious that you cannot trust everything you read on the internet, it is also true that there is some truth to be found online.

For more on the fabricated Priory that Dan Brown basis many of his truth claims on, see this site (I am going to try Tim's link trick):

Priory Hoax

Craig Fletcher said...

I also wanted to point out that it was tricky for me to get the HTML tag (Tim's tip) to work until I copied Tim's example into notepad and then edited the URL ( and the name of the Link (Changed it from "Groothuis Contribution" to "Priory Hoax").

Of course I also had to replace the ['s and ]'s with <'s and >'s

Dr. G - to run notepad (in case you didn't know) go to start - all programs - accessories and you will see it in there

doug said...

I have heard great things about Wordpress. I don't know if you know this gentleman, but John Depoe links to your blog and he has moved from Blogger to Wordpress recently: ( He seems to be taken with it... if you have the means you might want to check with him on how he likes it.