Saturday, May 20, 2006

An Apologetic Encounter

"Littlest Apologist" has a heartening report on an apologetic encounter. The writer has recently recommitted his or life to Christ and is learning how to engage in apologetics. I love it.

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Craig Fletcher said...

This story fired me up, I could almost picture the group sitting together in dialog. I am continually disheartened by the prevelance of anti-intellectualism in the church, including among my Christian friends who tell me that apologetics is "good for you (me), but it isn't everyone's thing".

I recently terminated a 3 month internet conversation with myself, and about 8 or 10 fairly hostile naturalists. The more sound argumentation I presented for Christianity, the grumpier they became with me - interesting. I realized with this particular group that they had already made up their minds and when I answered their questions about Christianity well (I had the help of many good books!) it seemed that they really didn't want answers to these questions. They wanted to argue for the sake of argument, and wanted to knock Christianity down and make it out to be laughable. These guys had already made up their minds about their views and it seemed that no amount of rational defense of Christ was going to matter with them. I learned that some people will never listen regardless of the arguments presented... which is no fault of the argument and no knock on Christian truth - they just don't WANT it to be true. It's a matter of the will.

In the beginning of these conversatios I was called a "fundie" (Fundamentalist) and a "troll" (beats me) repeatedly. But over time I was called "a smart Christian" and "thoughtful" by some of them, while the others just sort of disappeared only to reappear to cuss me out on occasion.

Dr. G warned me in the beginning that the medium was disingenuous and that I was wasting my time, but I responded that this was "good practice". Well, it was good practice, I learned a lot more about the commitment to naturalism and scientism as to be prepared for future witnessing opportunities, but I also think I got too comfortable hiding in cyberspace which detracted me from fruitful opportunities to engage people personally.

No matter where you are, the mission field surrounds you.