Saturday, April 15, 2006

Publishing Agenda

My next books:

1. "The Purpose-Driven Internalist, Critical Realist, Cumulative Case Apologist, Interactive Dualist, Egalitarian, Foundationalist, Noncessationist, Kindgom theology, Calvinist, Conservative Protestant Philosopher--Who Loves Jazz and Hates Kenny G."

2. "Leaving Logical Fallacies Behind: A End-Times Guide to Godly Thinking."

3. "The Prayer of St. Anselm: Your Recipe for Maximal Modal Success."

4. "The Law of Noncontradition: the Hidden Way to Increase Marital Intimacy."

5. "Five Philosophers You Meet in Hell--and What they Think Now: Hobbes, Nietzsche, Stirner, Sarte, and Rorty (if he doesn't repent)."

6. "Rapture Before the Rapture." Rolling in the hay and waiting for the End. (Why Tim LaHaye has not combined these two themes thus far is beyond me.)

7. "Misquoting Pascal: Everything You Know About The Wager is Wrong--And Other Contrarian Complaints"


Tim said...


Are you taking advance orders for these? ;)

dave and amy terpstra said...

The irony is that some of those are really publishable!

Thanks for the laugh! It's been a rough couple of days because my kids are sick.

I don't know about a whole book, but I think the five philosphers in hell would make a great article.

Luke Rhinehart said...

pretty funny. You're egalitarian and conservative? As far as I can tell the latter word is the one that's most open to interpretation. Really, conservative? Hopefully you mean conservative in the old sense of the word.

ambrs said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha. You know, the perfect thing for the philosophers in hell would be that they must spend eternity listening to Kenny G!

Michael F. Bird said...

Ooh, ooh, I hope it's # 1. I'd buy a copy of that! If only I knew who Kenny G was?

Jacob Hantla said...

I'll buy em.