Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Are All Religions One?" booklet

In 1996, InterVarsity Press published my booklet called, "Are All Religions One?" I just received a new printing of it with a card saying that this is the "seventh printing, bringing the number of copies in print to 56,062." This booklet has sold more than my last five (or more) books put together! The number in print is gratifying because the booklet makes a basic but necessary point for contemporary apologetics: All religions are not one. Rather, a person must assess their individual truth-claims and not lump them together. To make this case, I compare Christianity with Islam and Advaita Vedanta (nondualistic) Hinduism in terms of their views of ultimate reality, the human condition, and salvation. Then, I give a brief case for the reality of Jesus Christ. Perhaps this booklet will be of help to you in the apologetics mission of the church (1 Peter 3:15-16; Jude 3; Matthew 28:18-20). (By the way, if anyone is thinking that I am trying to make more money, please know that I received a small amount for writing it ten years ago with no provision for royalties.)


Ray said...

This booklet has sold more than my last five (or more) books put together!

You need to add "Left Behind" or "Purpose Driven..." to your titles. That should make your publisher happy.

Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D. said...

My next books:

1. "The Purpose-Driven Internalist, Critical Realist, Cumulative Case Apologist, Interactive Dualist, Egalitarian, Foundationalist, Noncessationist, Kindgom theology, Calvinist, Conservative Protestant Philosopher--who loves jazz"

2. "Leaving Logical Fallacies Behind: A Sexy Guide to Godly Thinking."

3. "The Prayer of St. Anselm: Your Recipe for Maximal Modal Success."

4. "The Law of Noncontradition: the Hidden Way to Increase Marital Intimacy."

5. "Five Philosophers You Meet in Hell--and What they Think Now: Hobbes, Nietzsche, Stirner, Sarte, and Rorty (if he doesn't repent)."

6. "Misquoting Pascal: Everything you Know About The Wager is Wrong."